Branding & Design

Brand Identity, Logo, Photo, Illustration, 3D, Video, Publication, Print materials, Mockup…

A brand is not a name, logo, website, ad campaigns or PR; those are only the tools not the brand. A brand is a desirable idea manifested in products, services, people, places and experiences. Your story begins with your brand. Working with you on every design element, we will bring all of your ideas together for digital or print use. Attention given to everything from information architecture to content, color to typography result in an intuitive user experience (UX).


Custom Web Application, UX Design, Website, CMS, Mobil apps, E-learning, E-commerce, E-book, E-pub

Tailored system development, We work closely with our customers in order to understand their objectives and deliver high-value business, process and technology consulting service. We are performing tasks at any level of the technical stack. We develop primarily in open object programming, using MVC web app architecture. With an agile, iterative method the development happens efficiently.
We Improve the business processes, the demands of compliance regulations and the desire to deliver new services within a secure environment.

Front-end, Back-end, API, Full-Stack Development.

Our Workflow Method

A quick overview of our workflow method, please contact us to know more:


Brief/meeting >  Research >  Strategy >  Design >  Touchpoints > Assets


Brief/meeting > JTBD/User Story >  MVC > Prototyping/testing >  Programming/testing >  Launch


We offer two pricing structures to help align financial and business goals:

Flat price: When the scope of work is fixed.

Time & materials: When the extent of work is unknown & on-going.